Sunday, April 15, 2012

One day more.....Come on down!

Sugarloaf continues. I'm cleaned, dressed, pressed, bedecked and bejeweled and ready to grab a bit of breakfast before heading to the show....and ARGHHHHHHHH!!!!  The clock radio in the hotel room is off by an hour.  It SAYS it's 7:24, but, in reality, it is only 6:24!  No wonder I'm still so very tired!

The solution?  More beading time!  I can finish up a necklace before I head off to the show....It has been busy, but nowhere close to the definition of busy during the fall holiday season.  I've even got a "booth-and-a-half".  While in the middle of a row, I've been able to configure the space to provide the illusion of a corner booth, allowing beaucoups of additional sunlight streaming in from the window nearby.  Wonderful!!!  AND I've got a bit of extra "leg room" behind to provide a nice little storage area!  Wowzers!

The only thing that's missing is YOU!  So come to visit!

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